Whalebird is a Mastodon, Pleroma, and Misskey client for desktop application

Desktop Notification


Many shortcuts

UI like Slack

This client can change accounts. And these timelines are updated using streaming. When you get a notification, it is notified your desktop.

Many shortcuts

This client has many shortcuts, so you can control this application with these shortcuts. And you can jump another timeline to type Ctrl + k which is jump function.

Many color themes

You can choose the dark theme like Mastodon web and other color themes. You can customize the color theme as you like. And if your screen is narrow, you can collapse the side menu.

Hashtag and Lists

Whalebird can search hastag, and show hashtag's timelines. And you can create a list, and show list's timelines.


You can filter your timeline. Please write some regular expression to filter the timeline.

Proxy support

You can use proxy server like modern web browsers. Whalebird can load OS proxy configuration, or you can apply certain proxy only to Whalebird.

Do you prefer multi-column apps?

If so, let's try Fedistar


Multi-column Mastodon and Pleroma client application for desktop


Whalebird is free software. We don't monetize with advertisement. So your donation supports this project.

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