Privacy Policy of Whalebird

Privacy Policy

We don't collect any data from you, but Whalebird needs to store some of it at local in order to enable certain features.

Information Collection

We don't collect your personal data, like email, password or cookie. Whalebird store some different types of information in your storage, but we don't collect these information.

Types of Data Stored

Access Token

Whalebird stores Access Token in your storage to access Mastodon or Pleroma server. The Access Token does not include your personal data, but it can access your account of Mastodon or Pleroma.

Mastodon or Pleroma

Whalebird is a Mastodon or Pleroma client and as such it needs to make many requests to Mastodon or Pleroma. Please read Mastodon or Pleroma's privacy policy for more details on what they may do whith that data.

Contact Us

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